Please play this song while you read this blog for the best experience.

As-Salaam Alaikum, al-Masih qam! Bi-l-haqiqa qam!

I see the way you move

It's fluid

Be here by my side

Got nothing to hide

I know that you're hurting

I see the tears behind those eyes

And I can't wipe them clear

Your love is like gold to me

But you hold me closer to the light

You will not find a bullet inside

Unless you magnify


 But you throw me into the deep end

Expect me to know how to swim

And I put my faith inside my hands

Cause I will be just fine


Welcome to the jungle

Are you gonna dance with me

Well hold on... 

Suit and tie with the black jeans on

And I’m paralyzed

Cos' I think you got something like the biggest soul I’ve ever seen

And I think you’re the one

You got to close your eyes and see

Well hold on.

You know,  

That storm the other night was intense. I weathered it in a tent on the highest point around Blue Marsh lakes Pennsylvania. I woke up at exactly 3:14 am and I remember because I have my faithful cheap steel casio watch on my left hand.

I was awoken out of my sleep by the most poignant thunder. Like earth shattering thunder. Funny thing is 3:14 is my birthday backwards and also the most recent address I lived at and the address many years prior to that was 134 Windsor which both included my birthday in some capacity.

You see I turned 13 on a Friday the thirteenth. Ok. At the time I was like cool. But the numbers keep adding up. 11:11, 313 413. So then you get into trying to square the circle which many artists have based their ideology around this concept. Pi starts off with 3.14 and then goes into infinity.  

You can make your own deductions from the facts. But the reality which we all live in is that we have to make this work. If we don't, it is literally the destruction of the universe as everything is nothing and nothing is everything and the key to bind it all together is collaboration and equally as important  both knowledge and curiosity. 

How hard is it to find a diplomatic way to appease all cultures and all religions and ideologies. Unfortunately that won't work as the current constructs and those in power have leveraged there monetary gain from the start and im talking like Rockefeller who baught out supply lines just to insure competitors would fail.   

These mind games are our own traps. We devised them. Some forgot the pass code and others just didn't give a fuck and we're out for the kill.  Whatever boat your heritage was in it was rigged from the start.  

I'm currently living in a city where lawlesness is the societal norm. Oddly amongst these gangsters and gunners as I predicted there are families just trying to live peacefully. Iv met men and women who work damn hard every day because not only do the have to but they want to in order to better themselves and their families and ultimately this world.  Many have come from something so much worse and are grateful for life itself.

Alot of you say you know me but you don't. That's the guise of society currently. Oh yeah I know him, so therefore I am a better man. Society chasing the American pie has constructed a glass house around themselves.

Oh so fucking pretty on the outside.  It's the same in fashion and multitudes of interests. People are so concerned about image. 

How do I look?


Why don't you actually step by step recollect who and what you are. What amazed you at the age of 3?  

Your human and everything should amaze you as waking up is a gift to me and likewise should be to you. 

Let that sink in. I should be dead many times over but I'm not and I AM GRATEFUL. Beyond GRATEFUL.  

And this life is tough. Beyond tough. But humans over thousands of years have persevered against all odds.  

It is time to wake up and truly begin life as a human. You don't have to do it alone.


We are all at witts end and now is the time to make comrades with your neighbors. Please network like crazy and see who are your true friends through that. My grand mom always said truth is you will have max 3 to 4 close friends when you are on your death bed. By true friends I mean those who will flip the world for you. 

Go out and let me stress "peacefully"  change the systems that are in place. These are tough times but we are all smart enough to figure out how to get back to where we all belong.  I leave you on the video I edited for Adobe's recent contest editing the footage from imagine Dragons latest single " Believer."

Literally at midnight tonight the top 25 finalists will be announced.  I took the footage  and brought it into my spectrum which is seeing in 360. Albeit my heavy acid usage many years ago I invisioned a world of complete clarity and understanding of my fellow human beings and allowing him or her to exist within there own confines of what we call the world. One might call it a jungle out there. 

Out of difficult situations comes adaptility and we adapt to all situations. That's what we do. If you are stuck in the past I am sorry. Know that everything is cyclical and forever will be moving forward..  So who is to right this wrong?  I can only hope for a miracle. I am a fervent believer in GOD.

You decide. 

God bless and stay awesome!  

If viewing on mobile open the link below in your YouTube app to experience the video in 360.