"Nepotism " a short abstract film. Edited entirely on an iPad Pro while living out of my car. Music by Moby http://moby.com/la1/ All views expressed do not reflect any factual events or persons and are strictly my artistic expression and interpretation on local and global issues. Feat. the talent of Lexi Jade

 "Nepotism" is the word of the day for a large part of the local and global art community. You all know who is propagating it and your mind games will only hurt yourself in the end when you realize your entire life was built upon finding solace in false beliefs in your self contstructed egotistical prisons and rampant mutual masturbation with other individuals who also fear change. I find it so amusing when certain group of cowardice individuals band together to form smear campaigns against other artists they perceive as a threat. You all will never attain what I or others who are truly free have and furthermore will continue to attain through unrelenting perseverance and cunning ingenuity through the ebb and flow of life. Unfortunately that makes you feel inferior on levels you can't even begin to comprehend. For we are the riders of the Storm and we flow and are the energy of creation. Maybe some day, rather then picking us select few apart you can humble yourselves and learn from us just like we allowed ourselves to learn from the masters before us. At this point it's just sad really and time and light will expose all your fallacies and resistance to change. The more you squirm, the faster the quick sand will devour you. You can't say we didn't try to warn you that assimilation will continue to progress whether you like it or not. God bless and Godspeed to all.